Try Before You Buy

I am definitely a try before you buy guy! Unfortunately for my wallet, I seem to have pretty refined taste, and so the games I like are on the bank-crushing expensive side. That’s why I’m always very careful to make sure the game I’m going to purchase is worth it. I have a few sites I like to check out to be sure that it’s worth the purchase, and I also watch some online reviews on

Video Games vs Videoslots

One thing I found really interesting is that some of the same development softwares that make the audio-visual experience for video games so amazing are also being used on online casino games like slots. If also found a good overview of these games. I used to wonder how someone would get into playing slots, but for me the graphics are where it’s at! (That, and the fact you can find no deposit bonus online casino). Just like in video games, the slots game makers realize how important it is to set up an atmosphere and give some visual fireworks to peak your interest. Being able to win back some actual money with your investment is a nice perk too (as opposed to video games, which just suck you dry! lol)

Anyway, I know we all come to games for different reasons. Some love the plot and character action, but I’m really more into audio-visuals. It’s cool to see that’s not only the terrain of video games.

7 Dec 2019